New report says Apple is battling TV+ piracy online

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What you need to know

  • A new report claims Apple is battling to stop piracy of its Apple TV+ shows.
  • According to MacRumors some of Apple's most popular shows have as many as 125,000 seeders per title online.
  • Some 320,000 DMCA orders have been served on Google over Apple TV+ copyright claims.

A new report says that Apple is battling online piracy of its Apple TV+ content.

According to MacRumors:

From MacRumors' findings, some of Apple's most popular shows and movies have at least 2,000 active seeders on each major piracy site, going up to as many as approximately 125,000 seeders per title. Download trends broadly map to the popularity of Apple's various shows and movies, with the likes of "Ted Lasso," "The Morning Show," and "SEE" garnering the most downloads.

The report goes on to say that according to information accessed by MacRumors, Corsearch, a digital copyright protection firm, has issued more than 320,000 DMCA orders to Google pertaining to Apple TV+ content. These requests stop Google indexing the sites but don't actually remove the content from where it is posted, apparently in August 8,500 requests were sent to Google in a single day. The report claims 91.2% of these requests were successfully actioned, but that "the growth and availability of ‌Apple TV+‌ content on torrent sites does not seem to have been significantly impeded by its efforts."

To put those numbers in perspective, a May 2020 report from Torrent Freak claims Netflix issued half a million takedown requests in just one week, but averaged around 20,000 a week.

Apple has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Apple TV+ to create new original content to drive subscriptions to its streaming platform. Its most successful show is undoubtedly Ted Lasso, which has garnered global acclaim for its wit, humor, and often raw emotion.

A report in September claimed Apple had some 40M TV+ subscribers, around half of whom have finished their free trials and pay the $4.99 a month subscription fee, or receive Apple TV+ as part of an Apple One subscription bundle.

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