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What you need to know

  • Nomad has launched preorders for Card for AirTag.
  • The new accessory secures an AirTag into a card so it can be securely stored in a wallet.

Nomad, the popular maker of premium Apple accessories, has announced a new product for everyone who has wanted to keep track of their wallet with an AirTag.

Card for AirTag, the company's latest accessory, aims to make storing an AirTag in your wallet a more pleasant experience. The card has a cutout for your AirTag and, once you pop it in, you can store it in your wallet like any other credit card.

Card for AirTag is a credit card size AirTag holder that makes it easier to track your wallet. With a smooth uniform shape, Card for AirTag allows you to keep an AirTag in your wallet without having an unsightly circular bump like you would get by putting an AirTag in your wallet by itself. Card for AirTag is simple to use, just pop in your AirTag and slide into your wallet.

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The accessory is made out of a polycarbonate frame that provides reliable structure and a soft-touch TPU surface. Nomad says that inserting and removing an AirTag from the accessory is easy when desired with "snap-in AirTag mount geometry."

Card for AirTag is available now for preorder for $20 but you can also save $5 if you bundle it with one of the new wallets that Nomad has also announced. The company is releasing three styles of the new wallets:

  • Bi-fold Wallets - $120
  • Card Wallets - $70
  • Card Wallet Plus - $90

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You can check out the new Card for AirTag directly on the Nomad website. If you're looking for a bunch of ways you can incorporate AirTag into your life, check out our list of the Best accessories for AirTags 2021

Nomad Card For Airtag Product

Card for AirTag

Nomad's Card for AirTag lets you store your AirTag in your wallet in style without creating that unsightly bump.

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