Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking review: Keep track of your wallet in style

Nomad's introduction into the Slim Tile brand is the perfect fit for anyone that 1. Likes leather, 2. Doesn't need a big wallet, and 3. Tends to forget where they leave things. It's a slim wallet with seven card slots and just enough room for the basics. Hidden under the lining is a Tile Slim tracker so you can track down your lost wallet with the help of your iPhone.

The Good

  • Super thin
  • Quality stitching
  • Fine-crafted leather
  • Lots of card slots
  • Free Tile Slim

The Bad

  • Not enough room
  • Tile Slim takes up space

Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile tracking

It's got the look

Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking: What I like

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When it comes to technology accessories, a lot of companies focus on making gadgets look sleek like said technology. Nomad does things differently. The company is known for its beautiful quality leather craft. The Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking is no different. It's a wallet first, and tech second.

Its a fold-over card holder with a single slot on the outside and six slots on the inside. It doesn't have a wallet-long pocket for unfolded bills, but you can fold your cash in half and comfortably slide it into any card slot. I keep my cash in the outside slot, but I also keep my wallet in my fanny pack, so my money isn't just sticking out in the open for all to see.

This unassuming wallet has a secret: In the back slot of one side of the wallet, a Tile Slim tracker is tucked into a secret compartment. That compartment is basically hidden by a thin flap. You can flip over the flap and pull out the Tile Slim at any time.

The Slim Wallet with Tile Tracker is a wallet first, tech second.

I comfortably fit all of my cards into the Slim Wallet — that's 10 plastic cards and two paper insurance slips. I also crammed a handful of dollar bills into the outside pocket. It suits my needs pretty well.

As far as wallets go, it's exactly right if you only carry about a dozen or so plastic cards and dollar bills. It's also got a very high quality stitching, so it's going to stay together for a very long time. The leather will likely wear out before the stitching does.The soft leather material, tanned in the U.S. by Horween Leather, is flexible and pliable. Over time, it earns the molded look of a good leather wallet and will develop a patina that'll make you feel like a cowboy.

Another bonus: You can remove the Tile Slim tracker if you ever want to just leave it at home (or use it to track something else entirely).

Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile tracking

No room

Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking: What I don't like

I'm lucky in that I don't carry much in a wallet. I don't pack in a bunch of old receipts or try to cram all of my change into a pocket. The Slim Wallet fit everything I had in my other wallet just fine.

It only just fits everything, though. If you're the type of person that likes a billfold with room to stretch out your dollar bills or a pocket for your change, the Slim Wallet is not for you. The leather is soft and pliable, and can fit a lot of cards, but that's about it.

The Tile Slim, which is basically the star of this otherwise traditional leather wallet, is as thick as two plastic cards (which is pretty amazing that it fits all that technology into something so small), so you're losing some of that otherwise prime real estate.

Basically what I'm getting at here is that although the slim design of the Slim Wallet is aesthetically pleasing, it's just not practical for some people. Keep this in mind when considering whether you should get one.

Hell bent for leather

Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking: Bottom line

Nomad makes great leather products and the Slim Wallet is right in line, especially since it's got the added bonus of having a little bit of technology tucked away inside. If you or someone you love tends to forget where they left their wallet regularly, this is going to make life a lot better.

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