Notification Center in iOS 7 to be available from the lock screen

Notification Center has been updated and improved for iOS 7, and now, it will be available right from the lock screen with no need to unlock the phone first. There's a today view of notifications, with calendar, stocks, other current updates, all of which are available from the lockscreen. And, in keeping with the new design, the Notificiation Center tray has ditched the old look and feel and is now has a translucent background that shows the wallpaper behind.

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  • Im first and Im bored and I hate apples. And i hate that they get old and get worms. But Im allergic to apples so then again it wouldn't matter ! Android FTW !!!
  • You just went full retard... Never go full retard...
  • Dude....that was like full retard & a half, on some next level ish. But I guess that's what happens when we give "smart" phones to dumb people
  • However, to be completely serious: isn't this something Android has had for more than a couple of years now?
  • Windows phone has had lock-screen messages and notifications for a couple years too
  • And yet, you are on a iphone based site reading about new OS for the iphones.
  • The only thing I don't like about iOS 7. They kept those accursed little x buttons to close notifications. Double-tapping them is even more of a nuisance.
  • This was one of the reasons I jailbroke. Don't care if it's late in the game. At least they are finally doing it.
  • I am happy to see this come but I am also a bit worried. Yes now I can view and take some sort of action on notifications without having to unlock my iPhone. But what about hen I leave my phone on the table and go to the bathroom. Or if someone else picks up my phone they can see all my deets....