TV App FAQ: Everything you need to know!Source: iMore

What you need to know

  • Streaming platform 'Now' has been fully integrated into the Apple TV app.
  • You can now see titles from the service when searching in the Apple TV app.

Streaming platform Now is erm... now fully integrated into the Apple TV app, meaning titles on the UK streaming service will now show up when you search for them in the Apple TV app.

From Pocket-Lint:

Apple's TV app - which is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and multiple other devices - now supports Now (formerly Now TV).

The Apple TV app already enables users to search across a range of streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and Apple's own TV+ service. The Now integration means users will be able to use the Apple TV app to search for programmes on the platform and add them to the Up Next feature within the Apple TV app, helping you keep track of all the things you want to watch or are watching across all the various streaming platforms.

Now is the streaming platform of UK broadcaster Sky, and features an extensive library of TV shows, movies, and sports shows. Thanks to the new integration, all of these will now show up when searching for shows in the app. As the report notes there is also a new dedicated Now section of the Apple TV app where you can see all of the platform's titles in one place. It means these titles should also show up using Siri search. As of December 29, UK users can no longer stream Now shows abroad in the EU but can download content at home before watching it offline.