If you're hunting around for a fantastic deal this Cyber Monday, you really should check out the Roborock S6. I personally own this Roborock robot vacuum, and I love it. Unlike some other robomaids on the market, this one cleans in an orderly back and forth motion leaving my rooms looking tidy and beautiful. Since it allows me to schedule cleanings or control the device from the Roborock app, I'm able to have the S6 run while I'm out running errands and come home to perfectly clean floors. It has super powerful suction and works on anything from hard floors to medium-pile carpets. What's more, it detects when it moves from hard floors to carpets and automatically increases the suction for deeper cleaning.

Roborock S6

Roborock S6 robot vacuum

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This robot vacuum maps your home and cleans your floors in an organized back and forth fashion. It has the best battery life of any vacuum out there and does an amazing job on anything from hard floor to medium-pile carpets. Plus, it's great with sucking up pet hair.

It's also an amazing choice for pet owners. You see, I have both a dog and a cat (a Corgi and a grey tabby) that both shed all the time. This device helps me keep my floors clean by picking up after their messes, whether it be dirt, kitty litter, fur, or kibble crumbs. Something I especially love about this vacuum is that it maps my home. That means that I can use the included app to tell it which rooms to specifically clean or which areas to stay away from.

This vacuum does an amazing job of cleaning up after my pets.

I really can't stop gushing about this amazing cleaning device. Another thing that makes it great is that the brush is removable so you can more easily remove hair, string, or anything else that gets caught in the bristles. What's more, there's a small safety razor - much like a letter opener - that stores directly on the vacuum. That way, whenever my hair wraps tightly around the brush, I'm able to pull the razor out and remove the hair super quickly. It really makes it easy to maintain and clean the vacuum.

Roborock S6 cleaningRoborock S6 cleaningSource: iMore

Additionally, it features several sensors that prevent it from bulldozing into obstacles or tumbling down the stairs. You'll still want to remove cables and small items out of its path, but it's less likely to get stuck or suck up things it shouldn't. I've tested several robot vacuums, and this one consistently comes in as having the longest battery life. It can run for up to three hours if left in Quiet mode and features four different cleaning modes so you can choose the suction level that works best on your floors.

If the S6 gets low on battery, it returns to its dock, charges back up, and then continues cleaning where it left off. For this reason, you don't have to worry about it only getting part of your home cleaned. This is seriously one of the very best robot vacuums on the market. You should really consider picking it up while it's on sale this Cyber Monday.

Pro tip: If you're going to purchase one of these awesome vacuums, I highly recommend getting a white one. I love the look of the black one, but dirt and debris show up in stark contrast to the dark casing. The white one does a better job of hiding the dust.

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