The full-grain leather Journal for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is normally priced at $150 - $170, but Twelve South has drastically dropped the price of it to just $80 for Cyber Monday! That's not a typo. It's definitely my favorite MacBook Pro case and I highly recommend everyone get one if they've been been eyeing this one for a while.

Case envy

Twelve South Journal for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Twelve South Journal

The best looking case your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air has ever had.

With a full-grain leather exterior, soft suede interior, and an extra pocket for papers and documents, the Journal makes you look like a pro even at the coffee shop.

Our very own Lory Gil reviewed the Journal last year when it first launched (along with the companion Caddysack) and has used it with her MacBook Pro ever since. It's even starting to get that nice rugged leather look to it.

The interior is covered with microsuede for scratch protection. The case is stiff but flexible.

The top portion of your MacBook is anchored to the top portion of the Journal with two thin elastic straps. This isn't to keep your laptop locked in place. It's simply a strap to keep the top half of the journal from falling to the tabletop when you're working on your laptop while it's open.

There is an extra spot under the microsuede lining on the bottom that hides a thin folder-style pocket. It's just enough to slip a few pieces of paper, but not enough for an entire notebook.

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