Paper Mario: The Origami King — All 40 faceless Toad locations in the Temple of Shrooms

Paper Mario Origami King Faceless Toads
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The Scorching Sandpaper Desert in Paper Mario: The Origami King a creepy and mysterious place, especially once you uncover the Temple of Shrooms and realize it's filled with 40 Toads who've had their faces removed. You're going to have to locate all of them if you want to take on the Temple's boss. However, before you can find the Toads, you'll need to uncover DJ Toad's lost discs. Here's the location for the four CDs and all 40 faceless Toads.

Temple of Shrooms: All CD locations

Paper Mario Origami King Dj Toad

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In Paper Mario: The Origami King, DJ Toad tells you that there are four CDs total in the Temple of Shrooms, but only the fourth one is needed to fight the boss. Here's where they're all located.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
CD NameHow to get it
Heartbeat SkipperDisc 1: It's hidden in a treasure chest just left of the room with the dangling three faceless Toads.
Deep, Deep VibesDisc 2: One of the rooms has statues which fall down when you run past them. The statue on the far right side is hiding this disc.
M-A-X PowerDisc 3: Head down one screen from DJ Toad to find a room filled with coffins. Open the coffin with the sun symbol in the bottom right corner of the room.
Thrills at NightDisc 4: In the coffin room, hit the torch on the right with your hammer to open the wall. After entering this area, smack the statue at the end of the hall with your hammer. Use the 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle to retrieve the disc.

Where to find all 40 faceless Toads in the Temple of Shrooms

Paper Mario Origami King Dance Party

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Now DJ Toad wants you to fill the Dance Floor with the Toads hidden throughout the temple. Obviously, these Toads can't see on their own, so you're gonna need to guide them with some music. Some of Paper Mario's facelessToads are grouped together while others are roaming around on their own. It's a fun event that stands out from those provided in other Mario games. Here's where you'll find them all.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
6In the bottom corners of the Dance Floor circling around the Paper Macho Shy Guys.
3There's a room where three Toads are pinned to the ground by poles. Smack these poles with your hammer to let them loose.
3These are the three Toads that dangled down from the hallway ceiling earlier. Smack them with a hammer to free them from the rope.
1This is the random Toad that you discovered earlier walking around mindlessly in the room with coffins covering the doorways.
1Hit the right coffin in the above room to open a secret passage. Go to the back right of the room behind the wall and then head up the ramp to the left. The Toad is hiding in the treasure chest.
1Now that you have at least 10 Toads with you, you can open the coffins in the room just below the Dance Floor. Open the coffin in the bottom left corner.
1Open the coffin that's second from the right on the top row. It has a "n" marking on it.
24Open the crescent moon coffin in the second row and second collumn and go down the stairs. Now open the coffin in this room to get a Star and kill all the spiders. Use the 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle that appears to save the Toads.

Don't lose face 

And that's where you'll find all 40 faceless Toads hiding in the Temple of Doom Shrooms. Now it's time to move on to the boss fight. If you need any help defeating this unholy enemy, we can help you out with our guide for how to defeat all 16 bosses in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

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