Patent reveals Apple MagSafe case that can charge AirPods

Apple Airpods Patent
Apple Airpods Patent (Image credit: Apple / USPTO)

What you need to know

  • An Apple patent has revealed a new type of case the company could be working on.
  • It appears to be a MagSafe case for iPhone that can also charge AirPods.

A new Apple patent points to a future case that could one day be used to charge devices Apple's AirPods Pro and other best true wireless earbuds whilst protecting your iPhone.

First noted by Patently Apple, the new patent is titled 'accessory case with a power supply' and its abstract states:

Accessory devices for portable electronic devices are herein described. An accessory device may include a receptacle used to receive and carry an electronic device. Further, the accessory device may include a cover that is pivotally coupled to the receptacle. The cover is designed to protect a front surface of the electronic device, including a cover glass. The accessory device may further include a power supply (such as a battery) that is located on the cover. The power supply is designed to provide power to the electronic device, and subsequently charge a battery of the electronic device. The power supply can also provide power to different devices. In this regard, the accessory device may include an inductive charging coil that can inductively charge a battery of a device located on the accessory device. The inductive charging coil can be integrated into the receptacle or the cover.

As you can see from the design, it reveals the rough idea for a folio-design MagSafe charger that includes its own power supply built into the device, extending the battery life of the iPhone. However, it also includes a compartment that can hold two wireless earbuds, and the charging module can also be used to charge these. Currently, the best MagSafe chargers on offer include Apple's fairly simple MagSafe charger, a magnetic puck on the end of a charging cable, and Apple's MagSafe wallet.

Of course, a patent is simply an idea committed to paper, and no indication the company will ever release such a product. If it did, however, it would certainly be Apple's most ambitious attempt at creating a MagSafe accessory. Apple added MagSafe charging to the iPhone 12 last year, and continued its use in its latest best iPhone, the iPhone 13.

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