Apple Watch Series 6 Blue Move PositionSource: Joe Wituschek / iMore

If ever there was a year best described as blue, it would be 2020. Perhaps taking this into account, Apple has introduced blue color options for three of its most important product lines, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. However, this being Apple, no two blues are the same.

Let's call it Blue Tuesday, September 15, when the first new blue Apple products were announced. First, Cupertino introduced a dark blue aluminum Apple Watch Series 6. A few moments later, it surprised many by unveiling a pastel-focused iPad Air 4 collection, which includes a light blue model. Both new products represented the first time any shade of blue launched for the Apple Watch and iPad lineup.

Blue Watch Ipad AirSource: iMore

Fast-forward to this month's iPhone event, which proved Apple was still feeling blue. First, many no doubt drooled over the blue iPhone 12 (and iPhone 12 mini). Later, would-be iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max buyers were rewarded with a Pacific Blue model that's best described as ocean or sea blue.

This was the first iPhone Pro available in any shade of blue; the blue iPhone 12 arrived after similar blues launched for the iPhone XR and iPhone 5c in past years.

Blue iPhones HistoricalSource: iMore

Besides black (or perhaps a special Exorcist themed pea soup colored iPhone 12), blue is probably the best color to represent this terrible year. And yet, conformity didn't play a role in which shade of blue Apple used for its new iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Honestly, it's no big deal and so 2020. And yet, no be surprised if some folks believe Apple's using the same shade across all products.

My biggest question now is whether we're about to see a blue MacBook Air or iMac in the coming weeks. How about one in Polynesian or Steel Blue?