W00t! With your help this podcast reached #41 in iTunes gadget podcasts. Thanks to you! We chat a bit about the Smartphone Round Robin, iPhone launches in Europe, unlocked iPhones, supposed spat between AT&T and Apple, rumors of the SDK being seeded, Universal CEO mockery, and the usual looks from our community.

I'd also like to apologize for the lateness of this podcast -- we've been t roubled with some audio problems since we upgraded to Leopard. Okay, I've had some audio problems since we upgraded to Leopard. Dieter has been fine.

Phone Different Podcast #10 for December 4, 2007

w00t, #41 on gadgets in iTunes! ahead of our other podcast somehow at 58. no review, though. hey, at least you know we're not astroturfing our own stuff, right?


Smartphone Round Robin

iPhone Section

  • Europe
    • T-Mobile vs. Vodaphone. Turns out that Vodaphone won and T-Mobile makes their $1500 unlocked phones available. Spendy!
    • if you want an officially unlocked iPhone, france is your cheapest option so far.
    • random foreign 3G rumors always cropping up. May, or so they say. Don't believe it!
  • iPhone as next major computing platform according to Inc.com.
  • seemingly a confirmation of late 2008 for 2nd gen iPhone. ppl talk about this like it's a spat.

Apps Section

  • Greg Joswiak talked about the SDK. It's mostly PR, but it's a good review of stuff.
  • There are rumors the SDK has already been seeded to partners. Hopefully for this.

iTunes Section

  • you always seem to be able to find stories of incompetence in the record industry if you want it. Today, the UMG CEO.

Apple Section

  • weird Cringely rumor. I'm usually a fan; Dieter usually isn't.


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