Phone different Podcast 14 - Wait-a-Thon

Bonus Podcast!

We couldn't wait until our regularly scheduled podcast to talk about the iPhone Software Roadmap. Mike and I were also lucky to be joined by Phone different writers Chad Garrett and Rene Ritchie! Listen in as we chat up all the new announcements about the new Enterprise features and the SDK.

This post is also a Wait-a-Thon post! Your comment posted here enters you for a a chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card! Also note that starting today, you can use your User Referral Link (found here when you log in) to get two entries in this week's drawing.

  • First post.... that has to be worth more than one entry right??? ;-)
  • It's going to be a long wait, so here's hoping for some Gift Card goodness!
  • Can't wait to hear it...and grab that iTunes gift card.
  • The last one didn't show up in my iTunes feed for several days, but this one made it in there right away. Thanks for fixing that!
    Now give me the iTunes moniez!!!1!!one!!
  • If you told me 5 years ago that I would be interested in a "radio" show about a phone (much less be excited about it), yeah, you can guess what look I would have given you!
  • New rule: any post with more than 1 exclamation point is automatically disqualified. :p
  • Excited for SDK and for an iTunes gift card..right guys?
  • Bonus podcasts! I can get used to that.
  • I like podcasts [=.
  • I a-wait my iTunes card!
  • who can wait till late june? I need my 2.0 today.
  • Hmmm...I could use a cool $100 to spend on iTunes...Pick me Muhahah!
    (Note to Dieter: See only one exclamation mark :P )
  • It's things like adopting Enterprise (and USB and Intel chips) that differentiate the Apple of today and the Apple of 20 years ago. Imagine where Sony would be today if they would stop with all their odd-ball formats:
    Memory Stick
    Blu-Ray (well OK, maybe Blue-Ray panned out for them :) )
  • I thoroughly concur with both tschertz01 and gruswitz. I admit it's been a Palm world for me until now and I've been happily and uniquely satisfied. I further admit that I've been extremely reluctant to purchase an iPhone (for myself anyway -Yes, I purchased one for my SO on it's release date) until ANY progress was made on the 3rd party apps front. To be brutally honest, I've been steadfastly against the absolute control which Apple has lorded over it's almighty iPhone! Hordes, nay millions of unsuspecting iPhans were held back and set back at every possible customizable hack due to Job's control issues and I, for one, will be ecstatic to have him relinquish a bit of control in the near future. I've flirted with the notion (since that fatal purchase date) of playing around with an iPhone of my own. The big problem was, it simply didn't play well with others ... until now. Having a lengthy affair with an iPhone is something I will definitely consider after the upcoming 2.0 release party! Oh, it WILL be a party for iPhone lovers everywhere!
  • Pick me, pick me. :-)