This week Mike and Dieter review all the BAD news about the iPhone 3G and take a look at the growing community in the iPhone Blog forums!

Also, this is important: the iPhone Blog and (by extension) all y'all iPhone lovers have been called out by Take a listen to this "Hit me on my BlackBerry" song, note the bits 2/3rds of the way through knocking TiPb. Anybody up for mixing down a pro-iPhone song? Let us know the comments (Wait-a-Thon time!) and if there's enough interest we'll make a contest out of it.

Alternately, some comments counteracting all our doom and gloom in the podcast would also be appreciated.



Micah writes in:

I don't know if this is the right email address to send this to, but I was wondering if the new IPhone that most people are expecting at WWDC has passed through the FCC? Is it possible for Apple to keep that information confidential? The original IPhone passed the FCC on May 17 of last year, which is more than a month before it was released. If you could answer my question, or pass it along to someone who can, I would Appreciate it.