Phone Different Podcast 26

What's coming on Sept 9th? What's going on with the 3G radio on ATT? What's included in the Real Internet? What are you waiting for? Listen in!


  • Sept. 9th Event
    • Confirmed
    • Will we get 2.1?
    • iPod Nano
    • Kevin Rose
    • Rose part deux
  • OS News
    • Security Flaw! ....getting fixed
    • Open Clip - goodish idea 2.1, but will go away soon
    • As the GPS Turn by Turn Turns
  • 3G FAIL
    • Wired's 3G test results
    • Swedes say it's the network
    • But maybe it's the iPhone after all?
  • The Real Internet
    • Bold vs. iPhone Browser Showdown
    • Leads us to a good tip: turn off javascript
    • Google Chrome - Webkit wins!
    • The Ad Ban was wrong
    • TiPb iphonified
  • Steve Jobs isn't dead, he's just resting

How To

  • Disable Visual Voicemail for intl travel also good for people who switch phones a lot
  • Handbrake == awesome



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