p> In podcast number five, we discuss the crazy amount of news from the previous two weeks. The main topics are sales volume, iPhone in Europe, ringtones, iTunes and firmware updates, GUI unlocking and the risk it brings, and 3G iPhone rumors. And, as always, we discuss some of the best bits from the community.


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Phone Different Podcast #5 for Monday, September 24 2007


  • iPhone Section

    it's silly to have an iphone section of an iphone podcast, and yet here it is. the iphone iphonecast section.

    • Apple sold a million iPhones, and they're practically doubling production for 4Q. And their price cut has tripled sales for the time being.
    • 3G iphone: rumor won't go away in spite of itself. What shows up in the next iPhone anyway? Improved software is what I want.
    • $100 early adopters is live. Personally torn between Leopard ($129) and fancy headphones ($100).
  • Hacking: Unlocks, Native Apps

    • We wrote some awesome guides for getting AppTapp Installer.app (review link) on your phone. There's one for Macs, and one for Windows PCs. In case you're wondering, Apple said that they would neither help nor hinder 3rd party application development on the iPhone. They don't promise that they won't break it, but that won't be their intent either.
    • Fake GPS: George Hotz aka Geohot, notable unlocker, was going to do tower triangulation but then gave up on it and then navizon (requires installer.app) came along and it's doable. One time price of $24.99.
    • There are a few GUI unlocks -- one that's "unsanctioned" at best, the other one is apparently preferred. Don't update the second Apple comes out with their next iPhone patch; wait and see if it breaks anything. I don't want anyone out there to get bricked.
    • Mini Microsoft Section
      • Glide brings Office write support with Word, Powerpoint; Excel very soon.
      • In terms of Exchange scrapers, there's another kid on the block, named iPXSync. Looks like they've been a bit innovative in bringing more of the non-email tasks to the iPhone. It's still not push, until someone figures out how to link one of these to their Yahoo! account.
  • New Software: iTunes, Firmware

    • There's a new firmware on the way, v1.1.1. It will bring a bunch of stuff, some international roaming, no more $5000 bills, etc. We'll see it any tuesday now, perhaps the day after our podcast is published. Likely to arrive before our next podcast anyway.
    • There's another new version of itunes, version 7.4.2. It breaks all ringtones except (of course) purchased Apple iTunes ringtones, the scp terminal method and Ambrosia's iToner, but it fixed the problems with ringtones and iTunes Plus. I had problems for a week.
    • nbc is launching their own service, NBC Direct. multiple services -- is Hula different? criminy. End result of it all is that NBC is the loser in the Apple/NBC iTunes spat. It's like watching Time/Warner AOL mistakes all over again.
  • iPhone: Across the Universe

    The iPhone coming to Europe. All these links plus the scandinavia news make this section a smörgåsbord. I recently changed the encoding on our server to unicode so we can get the cool letter bits to look right. O2 in the UK, T-Mobile in Germany, Zut Alors! Orange in France, Maybe TeliaSonera and Telenor in Scandinavia, Vodaphone wants a 2nd chance

Lastly, is Apple repeating their strategy with the iPod? Secure the high-end of the market, then spread lower-cost derivatives throughout the market (like with the iPod mini, iPod Nano, etc)

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Store Section

Reviews, really briefly

  • the marware sidewinder holster, plus Dieter's monday review. get it cheap with the 'SIDEWINDER' coupon code nets 30% off of $24.95, almost $7 1/2 bucks off. not bad.

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And now, Chris Kingree with the store segment:

Mobi Products Skin Case w/Clip and Screen Cover ($24.95)
mobi skin case with clip and cover The Mobi Products Skin Case with Clip and Screen Cover is an innovative skin case that provides plenty of protection, even as it retains the svelte profile of your iPhone. The removable screen cover provides excellent protection for the iPhone's glass screen, and the case even includes a removable 360 swivel belt clip.

Mobi Products USB Cradle ($24.95)
mobi cradle The Mobi Products USB cradle is an excellent cradle for use if you need another cradle but don't want the hassle of expensive Apple products. Like Apple's cradle, it's powered by USB. Unlike Apple's cradle, it features a charging LED and no cables to mess around with.

Piel Frama Magnet Closure ($69.95)
piel frama magnet closure The luxurious Piel Frama Magnet Closure case is an exquisite handmade leather flip-top case. It features credit card slots and a money pocket, a removable 360 swivel belt clip and even a removable knob, and an incredibly soft inner lining to protect your iPhone from scratches. This eyecatcher is available in black, tan, two-tone black and tan, red, and fuchsia.


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Highlights from the community:

  • verbal request: how to encode video for iPhone / iPod Touch for Windows and Mac from Brent P. I was sick this week, should be up next week. Promises, Promises. Knew you'd never keep...
  • treo switchers by alanmushnick still going strong with experiences. will likely continue to be a relevant thread for a long time.
  • Treo to iPhone by scouter075, especially notable for the splashdata for iphone request found by JesseNYC.
  • itunes 7.4.2 out by cmaier, broken ringtones and reboots, general "shout out" for him being way on top of things and for developing a bunch of web games for the iPhone. check it out.