It's an even bigger podcast than last week, coming in at almost an hour. We talk about some of the ins and outs of the new firmware, the danger to unlockers, rumors of iPhones abroad in Canada and France, the recent rumors of 2nd party apps, widgets and human interface guidelines, and of course the hacked apps. Then, we talk about Jobs and his reality distortion field, and some of the Apple lawsuits out there. And of course, the community gets the final words.


Phone Different Podcast #6 for late October 8, 2007

Introduction. Talking about our recent audio woes that have delayed the last two podcasts. We've both had some problems with Audacity, which is probably overkill for just recording wav/aiff. I'd love to use audio recorder, but performance on PowerPC isn't as good on intel, and our recording tracks get out of sync. We'd be using it with an M-Audio FastTrack type kit. Any suggestions, send us an email, call, or anything.


p>iPhone Section

  • New iPhone Firmware v1.1.1
    • my impressions of the 1.1.1 update.
    • features of 1.1.1
    • 1.1.1 Update released. Bricks unlocked iPhones. Lots of trouble with it
    • unlockers: don't update. There needs to be a way to invisibly re-lock your firmware before you try to update to 1.1.1 if you've unlocked your phone and want to move to 1.1.1. Best thing is to wait until there's a reliable way to relock firmware, or just get used to 1.0.2 and don't update.
  • iPhone in Canada in 2 weeks? Just a rumor? Rogers is still mum, doing much better than before.
  • Also, Apple and Orange in France may be having some trouble.

Apps section

apple taketh away, and apple giveth. more taketh a lot than I'd like or expect.

  • Are widgets on the way?
  • Apple posts human interface guidelines for web apps. This same set of HIG would apply to Widgets too...
  • Are actual apple-blessed apps on the way? Lord I hope so. The NES emulator is nice, but touch/tap gameplay is pretty awkward. Would be nice to see the office / productivity apps swell too. Something to replace notes high on my list.
  • 1.1.1 firmware jailbreak, meaning that we'll get 3rd party applications back again soon enough. Note: When I'm talking about ABIs and APIs here, ignore me, I'm woefully wrong. Apple changed the frameworks; that's why third party apps need the recompile.

iTunes Section

3rd party ringtones still broken. Apple deliberately hosing everyone else.

  • Amazon MP3. Woot!
  • Radiohead: In Rainbows. whatever you want to pay plus a 90¢ administrative fee? something like that. A label's nightmare.
  • zunes. Even if they're an also-ran, they're a dangerous also-ran in the event that Microsoft decides to dump money behind it. Get Dieter to open up about Windows Mobile some here. Make him own up to improper use of the word "iphone killer"
  • using the word competitor fast and loose here. Plays for sure indeed.

Apple Section

lots of negative press recently

  • Contradictory Jobs quotes short circuit his reality distortion field
  • Pull 1.1.1? I kind of wish they would have. Not the greatest of updates; the hubbub behind it indicates to me that the price cut and early adopter rebate was a carefully scripted event.
  • Class Action Lawsuit. Dongmei Lee, who wants to be a millionaire. Like the Wash. Judge that sued his dry cleaners over their ruining his pants.


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p>Highlights from the community:

  • possibly something to come in a future update -- Chadman noticed a little discrepancy in the clock icon.
  • splashid: a challenger appears. Did you know that you can comment on our articles directly from the forum?
  • What do you want to see in the phone different podcast? We're still new at this, and it's your chance to change the format. We aim to please. Leave a comment in the thread associated with the podcast show notes, email, or call.