Shocking you with a day early this time instead of a day late. For podcast 7 we talk about CTIAthe iPhone on Orange, possible unlock rumors, a product red version possibly coming, an SDK in february plus some widget speculation, some leopard speculation, webapps, and a brief hacking segment. And then, a bit on the iTunes plus price cut, Greenpeace, new Apple ads, and att.com making changes. And of course the usual chat about the community.

No less chock full of stuff than last week, but I managed to shave off a few minutes and keep us under 50 minutes. How did I do it? By shaving off the talks about Apple vs. gateway / acer / packard bell. Sharp listeners, look for the "I'm going to cut this" and Dieter being sad. I'll post it up later today.


Phone Different Podcast #7 for late (?) Friday October 19, 2007

Since we'll be in San Francisco for CTIA on Monday, and I'll be in the air during the time I'd usually be editing the podcast, we're going to release this podcast on a friday. Who knows, if we like it, we just might stick with it. In other news, we're going to CTIA.


p>iPhone Section

  • finally confirmed iphone in france on orange. there are unlocked rumors, they're called rumors for a reason. My french is not so great, but my understanding is that it must be sold 'nu', or 'naked', as in sans contract. *not* unlocked. That's belgium and finland that have the unlocked law, maybe some other euro countries? I'm willing to have egg on my face if I'm wrong.
  • more work for Apple legal. another iphone dispute might delay iPhone on Rogers in Canada.
  • product (red) iphone in the works?

Apps section

iTunes Section

the download market is changing, and rapidly

Apple Section

Bonus AT&T Section

AT&T making changes to avoid regulation, won't look directly in the senate's eye. first change is to prorate the contract cancellation fee, usually $150 to $200. I expect more in the future; hail Sauron.


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