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Today's podcast is a big one. We cover all of the new news with the upcoming O2 and T-Mobile launches, the Smartphone Round Robin sides of things, Google's Android and whether it competes with Apple, plenty of iTunes news, and the final words from the community..

Phone Different Podcast Number Eight For Monday November 5 Tuesday November 6, 2007

I never start by saying there isn't much news, and this week is no different.


p>iPhone Section

  • the Smartphone Round Robin. Been a lot of fun, actually.
  • Jennifer's First Looks and Jennifer's last looks on the iPhone at TreoCentral.
  • My First Looks at the Curve. and my Last Looks at the Curve
  • iPhone on O2 and T-Mobile on Friday. As they say, "Ab 9. November exklusiv bei T-Mobile."

Apps section

  • jailbreaking: easiest method yet
  • 1.1.2 firmware prevents TIFF jailbreak hack. if you want to jailbreak, skip 1.1.2 for now.
  • iTunes 7.5 on the way very soon. maybe in tandem with iPhone update? it was the iTunes in use for the 1.1.2 firmware.
  • Pontificate: Leopard iPhone update? Notes sync, etc.
  • Developers eager to fill holes in iPhone functionality

iTunes Section

  • Apple dealing directly with show producers. Apple doesn't have to deal with the networks (case in point, scrubs) in all cases. In many cases, they deal with not the network but the actual producer of a show.
  • NBC Wanted iPod Cut. A cut of the iPod sales would cut Apple profit margins. Apple would never say yes to this. Plus, iPod market isn't saturated yet. How much growth is looming for NBC?
  • About iTunes 7.5 for Mac:iTunes 7.5 features the ability to activate iPhone wherever service is offered and support for Phase, a new interactive music game designed exclusively for iPod nano (third generation), iPod classic, and iPod (fifth generation). This release also includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance.

Apple Section

  • Lots of community sites in legal danger, not this one
  • Refusing Cash for iPhones... stop 5 at a time unlockers?
  • Leopard is out.
  • GPhone / Android, Engadget Letter

Bonus AT&T Section

  • Finally have AT&T 3G at my house... nice to have the tilt around for testing. Part of AT&T's core network upgrades (link again). mebbe some tilt chat.


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Griffin California Roll ($19.95)

A lot of organizer cases try to be everything: a wallet, a business card dispenser, a change purse, you name it. What makes the Griffin California Roll excellent is that it doesn't try to do everything. It just takes care of the stuff you want to carry with your iPod. Charging cable? Check. Headphones? Check. Spare Case? Sure, why not? The clever wrapping storage has 3 compartments with which you can use to store pretty much anything that's smartphone-sized.

Spotwave Z1900 Indoor Wireless Coverage System ($299.95)

A bunch of iPhone customers came from AT&T from other carriers. If AT&T's coverage isn't up to snuff, it might be worth checking out the Spotwave Z1900. It boosts signals for many areas, and can also be used to boost signal penetration in a home or business. They even have a lookup site so you can see if the signal coverage in your area would be improved.

Belkin TuneTie Cord Keeper ($9.95)

This innovative little tie will change the way you use and stow headhones. Everyone knows that headphones get all jumbled up, twisted and turned into impossible knots that would confound anyone. Thankfully, there's an excellent and inexpensive way to take care of this problem. The Belkin TuneTie Cord Keeper is very lightweight, and is as an excellent way to tie up all that excess headphone cable that you weren't using. And it makes it very easy to stow headphones too!


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