How quickly we've reached our 9th podcast! Amazing, simply amazing. Plenty of stuff to talk about in this podcast, and yet somehow we hit our time target. I should be injured from a "light-hearted" and "fun" game of "touch" football and Dieter should quit smoking for every podcast. Wish him success and support by sending us an email at podcast at phonedifferent dot com. Or call us and leave a message, that secretly pleases us more.

We had to up the bitrate again; something is different in how Leopard encodes MP3s or maybe GarageBand is exporting additional noise in Leopard or something -- the 1411kbps AIFF file sounds great, the 48kbps/60kbps podcast sounds like garbage. Maybe we're both just being more finicky about how the podcast sounds, but we're getting some weird artifacts, both with LAME encoding and iTunes encoding. So, we're letting this one out at a 80kbps bitrate. We've also been storing the art inside the individual MP3s; let us know if it shows up.


Phone Different Podcast #9 for Tuesday November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!


p> Smartphone Round Robin

  • Mike does AT&T Tilt
  • Adios Tilt
  • Dieter bids adieu to iPhone
  • Dieter says hi to iPhone
  • and we're totally a week behind on the round robin. Here's to posting a 680 article today and wednesday.

iPhone Section

  • apple tracking imei via stocks and weather. weird, breaking
  • mike's opinion: gphone not a threat to iphone and vice versa.
  • iphone keyboard error rates are double of other smartphones.
  • european launch quick links
  • O2: fastest selling phone evar. 2/3rds of all iphone buyers new customers, vs. 40% for at&t.
  • data prices plummeting in canada, blame iphone.

Apps section

  • 1.1.2 out. fixes bugs, updates radio, etc.
  • bunch of other software updates too.
  • doom/id creator john carmack thinks apple could do more for gaming. Compared to MS, he's def. right.
  • enable push email on the iPhone. requires h4x0rz!

iTunes Section

  • double take on this one
  • free ringtones are back

Apple Section




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