Phone Different Podcast Episode 28

This week: Apps, Flash, Unlocking, iPhone 2.2, and the iClones. Tune in!


  • TiPb at Work Contest
    • It's already going strong
  • Apps
    • Web App standalone
    • App Store Reviews require purchase
    • Rejection Redux
  • Unlocking
    • fully unlocked 3G in HK
    • Getting close on the 3G?
  • Flash Again!
    • Why No Flash? Maybe just get Video?
    • Adobe chimes in again
  • iPhone on Verizon?
  • Court Documents say no
  • Facebook 2.0: now worth downloading
  • iPhone 2.2
    • Safari Changes
    • App Store Tweaks
    • Notice we missed the background notifications deadline?
    • More new features
  • @#%@#$ NDA Dropped!
  • The iClones
    • HTC Touch HD not coming to the US
    • BB Storm Announced
    • Gets Cut and Paste

How To


What do you want from 2.2?

New Forum setup

TiPb At Work


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