Mike Overbo is back this week for the 18th installment of our [insert preferred name here] Podcast! We discuss the continuing rumors of the iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0, and more. Definitely worth a listen.

We're also doubling up the Wait-a-Thon today. If you haven't already commented on How to get your content into iTunes, go do that. Then come back here for another chance to win a $100 iTunes gift certificate. The question we need answered: What should we call the podcast? "The Phone different Podcast?" ... "The iPhone Blog Podcast?" ... something else?

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(One last bit -- we're going to be moving our podcasts over to another server in the near future -- all of 'em. Should add some reliability in the podcast. If your version stops halfway through, just delete and re-subscribe in iTunes and it'll download properly.)


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Fun sensor trick

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