Phone different Podcast Episode 33

A smorgasbord of iPhone news, from Apple's quarterly financial to patent fights to the 3rd Gen iPhone. Listen in!


  • iPhone margins are huge, AT&T is happy, Apple had a decent quarter themselves
  • Deets on apple and music companies
  • Flash saga, part ...whatever part it is now
  • Papermaster is in
  • Shiny: Apple's design studio
  • 2.2.1.meh
  • CES overtaking MacWorld
  • Mobile vid chat?
  • 3rd gen iphone and again with the 3rd gen iPhone iPhone. iPhone Nano rumors have finally abated
  • Podcaster happy-ish ending
  • App Store Cracked
  • iPhone v Pre, development edition
  • iPhone v Pre, patent edition, and Apple gets patents, Palm comments, Apple's original threat


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