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What you need to know

  • Plex now works with the Apple TV app.
  • Users can now track their shows and movies on the Up Next section.
  • It only works with the app's ad-supported content, however.

Plex now works with the Apple TV app, letting Plex users keep track of the television shows and movies that they are watching on the "Up Next" section. The new feature, however, doesn't access all of the content that Plex users may want.

As reported by MacRumors, the feature works with Plex's ad-supported video on demand content. If you begin to play one of these pieces of content, the app will ask you to connect it to the Apple TV app so you can track what you are watching. This has also added Siri support, allowing users to search for Plex's library of ad-supported content with the voice assistant.

When you watch one of Plex's ad-supported video on demand offerings, which includes both TV shows and movies, you'll be prompted to allow Plex to share what you've watched with the TV app. From there, Plex content will be visible in Up Next right alongside all other data sources, letting you keep tabs on the Plex content you're viewing.

However, the integration only applies to the ad-supported content on the Plex app. While it is free, many Plex users access either their own personal or friend's servers to access additional content. It's one of the main ways that people use Plex, so it's a shame that this content will not work with the Apple TV app yet.

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It's honestly hard to see if it ever will, as content accessed that way through Plex is kind of the internet's latest peer-to-peer media sharing service. Users who want to try out the new feature will simply have to update the Plex app on their Apple TV and play an ad-supported piece of content.

Regardless if it is limited, it is great to see more services working with the Apple TV app as it's making the Apple TV, like the Apple TV 4K, a better product.

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