Pokémon GO's Friend Referral program has launched

Pokemon Go Friends
Pokemon Go Friends (Image credit: Niantic)

What you need to know

  • Niantic has announced a Friend Referral program for Pokémon GO.
  • Players can generate a referral code to pass on to new players or players who haven't opened the game in a while.
  • Players can reach milestones together and receive rewards with their friends.

Following the beta test in Australia, Niantic has announced a new Friend Referral program for active players who want to assist their friends who are thinking of getting into Pokémon GO, or helping their friends back on their feet if they haven't played in a while. Both the referrer and the referee will receive rewards just for playing the game alongside each other, such as Rare Candy, Egg Incubators, and even Pokémon encounters. The program has come out at the right time, as it allows friends to help each other during the ongoing Season of Legends event in Pokémon GO.

Here's how players can refer their friends using the program:

  1. Head over to the "Friends" screen in your own game. To get your friend referral code, just tap on "Invite".
  2. You're now free to share your referral code with a friend who is playing Pokémon GO for the first time, or even with a friend who already has an account, but hasn't played the game in the past 90 days.
  3. Your friends can use your referral code to get perks. New Pokémon GO players can enter the referral code during the sign-up process, and returning friends can redeem the code on the "Friends" screen in their own game.
  4. That's it! Whenever you and your new or returning friends achieve a milestone, you will both receive some cool rewards! Help your friends along the way, whether it be through raids or otherwise. If you're currently sheltering at home, you can even raid remotely!

Playing Pokémon GO is always great with friends. Is your friend considering joining the game, but is unsure of where to start? Do you have a friend who played with you way back in 2016, but they're hesitant to re-join because of all the events they missed? Tell them about the Friend Referral program! Getting into Pokémon GO is easy, with all the accessories available and the help you can get from others. GO together!

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