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Best answer: Including you, the normal party limit is three. However, changes made in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX allow you to temporarily add five more Pokémon to your party in Dungeons for a total of eight. Under specific circumstances, you can even have nine Pokémon!

How can you get more Pokémon in your party?

When choosing which Pokémon to take with you into a dungeon, you can have a total of three Pokémon in the party — you, your partner Pokémon, and one Pokémon that you've previously recruited in other dungeons. If you want more than three at once, you'll need to recruit additional Pokémon while out on expeditions by defeating them in battle and then hoping that they ask to join you. You can get up to eight Pokémon in your group by doing this since the Pokémon will temporarily follow you until you defeat the Dungeon (they'll also become available to select for future adventures).

On occasion, you'll also find Pokemon in dungeons who have fainted. If you give them an Apple item, they'll recover and will offer to join you as well.

If you happen to be on a special mission that involves escorting a client Pokémon, they'll be a part of your party as well. This means that you'll potentially be able to have nine Pokémon in one group.

What are the pros and cons of a large party size?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DXSource: Nintendo

While you can have a giant party, it may not always be ideal. A large party size will make progressing through dungeons that have small rooms awkward since your Pokémon have a good chance of getting in each other's way. It also makes it harder to plan out what everyone on the team will do in a tense battle scenario. Certain moves can damage or impact allies in battle, too, and when there are so many allied Pokémon in one area, it makes it easier for these accidents to happen.

However, having a massive party like this does have some notable advantages. In larger encounters in more open dungeons, you won't be outnumbered like you would be in a smaller team. On top of this, individual Pokémon you encounter will have no chance against your group at all. It may also be worth it because you'll have a lower overall chance of failing the dungeon, as all the extra Pokémon can act as "meat shields" for your Pokémon and your partner, who are the most important members of the party. This is because you'll be removed from the dungeon automatically if they faint.

Overall, whether or not you should have a large party size depends on how you like to play and what you need to watch out for in a dungeon.

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