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Pokémon games have always had Mystery Gifts, promotional Pokémon given out through events, with product purchases or to every player who knew how to collect them, and Pokémon Sword and Shield are no different. While some of these Mystery Gifts will require going to specific retailers to collect, you can collect your very first Mystery Gift within a few minutes of play without ever having to leave your home. Just follow these easy steps, and you can add a special Pokémon to your roster!

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Meowth, that's right!

The first Mystery Gift available in Pokémon Sword and Shield is a Meowth, but not just any Meowth. This Meowth is a Gigantimax Meowth, meaning instead of just Dynamaxing, it can Gigantimax and will look like this:

Pokemon Gigantimax MeowthSource: Bulbapedia

Crazy, right? While most Gigantimax Pokémon will come from special Raid Battles, this Gigantimax Meowth is free so long as you claim it by January 15, 2020. Just follow these easy steps.

How to claim your first mystery gift

  1. Open up your Menu by pressing X.

    Pokemon Sword and Shield MenuSource: iMore/ Casian Holly

  2. Select Mystery Gift Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift
  3. Select Get via Internet.
  4. Select Yes to connect to the internet.
  5. Select Gigantimax Meowth Gift.

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantimax Meowth GiftSource: iMore/ Casian Holly

  6. Wait for the gift to load.
  7. Go check out your party to see your brand new Gigantimax Meowth!

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantimax MeowthSource: iMore/ Casian Holly

And voila! You've got your first Gigantimax Pokémon! While not all Mystery Gifts will be this easy to claim, it never hurts to check for Mystery Gifts like this. Nintendo offers new Mystery Gifts all the time. Also, be sure to check out our other Pokémon Sword and Shield guides as our team dives into these games in the coming days!

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