Popular music service MixRadio emerges in beta for iOS

MixRadio is a popular music service over in the land of Microsoft, but it doesn't look like it'll be exclusive there for that much longer. It turns out that there's a private beta of the service out there in testing for iOS as well as Android. Sure, iOS users aren't short on music services to choose from, but MixRadio (born from Nokia Music) is pretty good at what it does.

It's as the name implies, a radio focused service that serves up music suggestions based on your chosen parameters. Favorite artists, genres, or even just using some of the curated mixes, MixRadio usually comes up with tunes you want to hear. It moved to Microsoft with the parts of Nokia that were acquired but has since been sold on to the messaging service, Line.

What comes of it we'll have to wait and see. Beta's are just that, and we'd be more surprised in 2015 if a company didn't want to have their services on iOS. Numbers don't lie. It's a crowded space but MixRadio does what it sets out to do and does it well. And it also has a much more global reach right now than Apple's iTunes Radio We're looking forward to seeing what it might be able to do on our iPhones.

Source: Windows Central

Richard Devine

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  • where would a person interested in the beta would sign up, I miss mix radio and it's function that you can download a mix on wifi for later use
  • Yet another key app that Lumia owners could feel proud having being given to other OS's... Pretty soon, Windows Phone will have nothing unique. I mean, when do we all just get Lumia Camera on iPhone and Android?
  • Yay! I just love MixRadio (when I'm using my Lumia), can't wait to get that to my iPhone! :) Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah!! Can't wait to get MixRadio on my iPhone Sent from the iMore App
  • Coming from the Lumia 1520, I can say that MixRadio was pretty good. You give it your favorite artists or type of music and it'll more often than not give you a good mix of music.
  • This is great! Missed this after coming to iOS. Sent from the iMore App