Popular RSS app Reeder getting non-Google Reader sync options, iPad and Mac versions going free until they do

Reeder, one of the best RSS apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, has posted a short update on their future. The reason they felt it necessary, of course, is the shuttering of Google Reader, which many RSS apps, including Reeder, used as a backend. Here's the important part, from Reeder's website:

Development of Reeder will continue after July 1st.

Silvio Rizzi, the talented developer behind the popular app, also talks about adding other sync services and options to the iPhone version of Reeder in 2.1, moving those over to the iPad and Mac versions, and, interestingly, making the iPad and Mac versions free until those features arrive in 2.0.

It's a short but very sweet update on what is for many people a crummy situation. Check it out.

Source: Reeder

Rene Ritchie

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