We're starting to see more and more MagSafe accessories not only get released but go on sale. We already know a lot about the best MagSafe accessories, and as that list grows so to does your chance to save. For example, Elago just announced its new lineup of MagSafe cases and gear. Now just a couple months since those released you can get Elago MS2 MagSafe Premium Silicone charging stand on sale for $19.94 at Amazon when you clip the on-page coupon that takes an extra 5% off the already discounted price. The stand's regular price is $25, and it has never gone this low before. Black is the only version down to this low of a price, but the other colors are at least a couple bucks off at $23.

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Elago MS2 MagSafe Premium Silicone charging stand

Made to be aesthetically pleasing with its circular design while still holding your iPhone 12 and giving it the fastest charge possible. Has cable cutouts to keep your cables hidden. Can work with cases but needs MagSafe magnets built in.

$19.94 $25.00 $5 off

With coupon: Clip the on-page coupon

You should know that this stand requires a MagSafe case. That means your iPhone's case should be compatible with MagSafe magnets or you can just not use a case at all. Of course, Elago has MagSafe cases you cain get. And if you get one with the stand you can save an extra 10% off the total price. You can also check out our roundup of the best MagSafe compatible cases for the iPhone 12.

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Like many Apple-friendly devices, this stand has put a priority on aesthetics as much as functionality. It uses a slick circular design that looks great no matter where you place it. All you have to do is rest your phone on top of it. The stand will hold your phone and charge it at the same time.

The MS2 is made with premium silicone so it will protect your phone from scratches even when you place it down in a hurry. There are also cable cutouts. These are designed so you can attach the cables to the back of the stand and lead them where they need to go. Reduce the clutter, keep your desk or nightstand nice and tidy, and make everything look good even while you're juicing up for the day.

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