Pre-order the Splatoon 2 Pearl and Marina amiibo 2-pack!

The Splatoon 2 amiibo collection grows a little bigger today with pre-orders for the Pearl and Marina 2-pack. These fun new characters took over the daily talk show in Inkopolis for Splatoon 2, since the world renowned pop stars Callie and Marie were off doing something very important. Since the infamous Squid Sisters have their own amiibo, it seemed only fair Pearl and Marina get the same treatment.

The figures each strike the pose you see every time you turn on Splatoon 2, in the standard costumes seen most of the time. Like other amiibo in Splatoon 2, these figures will allow you to store weapon and armor presets for your character and give you some custom items once you've earned them.

Ordinarily these amiibo 2-packs run $24.99, but like all game pre-orders at Best Buy you can get 20% off if you are a part of the Gamers Club. If you aren't currently a part of the club, registration is $30{.nofollow} and can be done online.

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Russell Holly

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