Though teaching our kids how to safely and responsibly use mobile devices is a vital part of parenting, parental controls are also a weapon in the battle to keep children safe in a world that becomes more and more global by the day. The Qustodio Parental Control app is one such weapon in the fight for mobile device security for your kids. (Kayla E Matthews,

If you're someone who a) has a smartphone and b) has a child who is old enough to have their own smartphone, or maybe you're someone who just wants an extra layer of security for your family's devices, it's tough to know which apps are the most reliable.

With Quistodio, there are a number of features that make it clear that this protective app is well worth a download, like the ability to monitor your child's device activity, keep track of where they are, set up rules and restrictions for when they're browsing though their device, and on Android, parents can even use to app to block and monitor SMS messages along with phone calls.

With Quistodio Premium, you get a little bit more…

  • Filter and monitor specific websites
  • Manage and remove apps while setting time limits

You can set time limits for the length of time your children are allow to use their devices, and even limit the time of day they are allowed to use them. Worried your kids are using their phones at school? Restrict access Monday through Friday until 4:00 p.m.. Think your little ones should be outside playing on the weekend instead of playing with their iPads? Limit screen time, or remove it altogether, on Saturday and Sunday. (Kayla E Matthews,

For Black Friday, Quistodio is giving you three options to save on going Premium, including:

  • SMALL: Protect up to 5 devices. 30% off with coupon code BLACK30. $38.46 /year.

  • MEDIUM: Protect up to 10 devices. 40% off with coupon code BLACK40. $58.17 /year

  • LARGE: Protect up to 15 devices. 50% off with coupon code BLACK50. $68.97 /year.

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Are you excited to try out Quistodio Premium? Are there any other apps that are on sale that you've been excited about?

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