Everyone loves a good piece of Razer gear, what with the brand's cool green-and-black snake aesthetic and slim, understated designs. However, not everyone can afford Razer, as the company's gear is notoriously expensive. That's why the Hammerhead wireless earbuds are such an exciting find: They're Razer tech that's down to the abnormally low price of $50, which translates to 50% off their standard MSRP.

With up to 16 hours of battery life, omnidirectional mic input, and a helpful companion app for iPhones, expect great audio quality, and all the usual frills and perks of modern earbuds in the Razer Hammerheads. Do note that these buds are the 2019 edition. But, have no fear: 2019 Razer tech is still a lot better than many 2021 offerings from other companies.

Another perk of the Hammerheads is that they aren't just good for iPhones. Bluetooth-friendly devices in general are advertised as being a great match for Razer's buds, meaning you can rock out to songs on your computer as well with these stylish little black audio accessories. They only weigh 45g, so having them plugged into your ears across a whole day's worth of devices won't be a pain.

Razer Hammerhead Earbud Render Reco

Razer Hammerhead wireless earbuds | Save 50%

It's time to save big money on Razer gear. You can now score the slick wireless earbuds of your dreams for under $50. They only come in black, so hopefully that fits your aesthetic.

$50 at Razer

The Hammerhead wireless earbuds aren't the only competition in town. Right now, Beats Studio Buds are at an all-time-low price of $99. That's a big-name brand offering its top-tier wireless listening solution for a price that puts some pressure on Razer's Hammerheads. But, on the flip side, $50 is $50. If you want peak value, Razer's where to go between the two options. You can also disregard both of these picks and go with something from the pool of the best Apple Black Friday deals.

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