Round Balls: 6 tips, tricks, and cheats to avoid spikes and roll further, faster!

Round Balls is popular but poorly rated. Everything is subjective and we don't judge. All that matters to us is that Round Balls matters to a lot of you. Probably because, like bird flapping games past, it's simple in concept and hard to put down. Tap to move your ball from one side of the lane to the other while avoiding the spikes. You rage. But you play! So, use these tips to get as far as you can, as fast as you can.

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One-sided tapping

You can tap anywhere on the screen and the ball will change sides. You do not have to tap on the specific side of the lane to get it to change to that side. This one took me awhile to figure out. I was getting quite frustrated tapping on alternating sides of the lane to move the ball. Once I started using one finger, the game became much easier.

Keep your finger(s) out of the way

The track is a continuous circle. No matter how many rotations you make, the lane will not change shape, making it easier to plan your tapping fingers accordingly. Staying out of your own way is essential, especially as the ball picks up speed.

Look here

Focus on the side of the lane your ball is currently on. This might take some getting used to, but I find it is easier to process one side's spikes rather than both sides' spikes. In some instances you have to plan ahead — like when there is a series of closely spaced spikes — but for the most part trying to plan ahead will simply get you a Game Over screen.

Keep calm

Although you have to tap quickly and consecutively, letting your fingers get ahead of your brain will be your downfall. My game ended many times because my finger tapped when I didn't want it to. If you've played several consecutive games (cough hundreds cough) try taking a quick break. Breathe and reset your tapper before restarting. You'll likely get a bit further than last time.

Gems can be your enemy

You don't have to collect the red gems. They are a bonus that let you unlock a different colored ball. If collecting a red gem means hitting a spike, forget about the gem. You will also want to get used to the different look of gems and spikes. Tapping to avoid a gem has ended many of my games (see the first screenshot above).

Remove outside distractions

Remove outside distractions.

Concentration is key. Noise and action around you will divert attention from the game. Lock yourself in a dark room and ignore your family and friends. Just kidding. But turning off the game's music helped me get a higher score. For the real pros out there: consider turning on your phone's Do Not Disturb mode. Nothing worse than receiving a call or text message while you're on your way to the global high score.

Bonus tip

Tap as much as you can, whenever you can. If there's a noticeable break between spikes, tap away. Your score will climb a lot faster.

Your hints, tips, and tricks

Please let us know below how you play Round Balls. And don't forget to include your high score!

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