macOS 11.3 will ensure your MacBook is fully charged before Calendar events

M1 Macbook Pro 2020
M1 Macbook Pro 2020 (Image credit: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore)

What you need to know

  • New code from the second beta of macOS 11.3 hints that your MacBook will make sure it's charged to 100% before an event or meeting set on your Calendar.
  • It's still unclear how will this feature will fully work or when it'll be available.

Apple's upcoming macOS 11.3 software update could bring a new feature that makes sure your MacBook is fully charged before events and meetings set on the Calendar app. At least, that's what a MacRumors contributor discovered inside macOS 11.3 second beta.

According to the newfound code, macOS 11.3 will be able to detect upcoming events and meetings on your Calendar and ensure to charge your MacBook to 100% at least three hours before said event or date. This new functionality would be an improvement for the Optimized Battery Charging feature that was introduced in macOS Big Sur.

It still remains to be seen how this feature will work. It's still unsure if it'll only work if your event has an alert and if or how your MacBook will let you know when you should start charging it so it can be fully charged on time.

This isn't the first time Apple improves the battery life on the MacBook. Apple recently introduced an Optimized battery charging feature that learns from your charging patterns to delay battery charging when it knows it's going to be plugged in for long periods of time. Plus, the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro both have a longer battery life thanks to the new M1 chip.

Having your MacBook fully charged before big meetings could be life-saving, but it's also a good idea to keep a good portable charger for your MacBook with you at all times.

Sergio Velasquez