Rupert Grint says becoming a father changed perspective on 'Servant'

Servant (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple TV+ star Rupert Grint has talked about how becoming a father changed his perspective on 'Servant'.
  • He said in an interview that it was probably the worst show to be a part of if you've just become a parent.
  • Grint and Nell Tiger Free spoke ahead of the season two premiere of the show next week.

Servant star Rupert Grint has said that the Apple TV+ show was probably "the worst show to be a part of if you've just become a parent" in a recent interview.

In an interview with, Grint spoke to Brandon Davis alongside co-star Nell Tiger Free. The harrowing M. Night Shyamalan thriller follows the struggles of a couple who try to cope with the loss of their child in mysterious circumstances, in part by adopting a very creepy doll in its place.

Speaking to Davis, Grint said that Servant was "probably the worst show to be a part of if you've just become a parent." The cast reportedly filmed the season in two halves because of constraints caused by the pandemic, and Grint's child, Wednesday G. Grint, was born right in the middle. He said that when he returned to the show he had a new perspective on the show:

"It's very strange. It definitely has kind of changed my perspective on things but also in a helpful way... It was something I never really had much of an idea of, it was that kind of love, it's a very different love and kind of getting into the headspace of Dorothy and the grief, what it means to lose a child is kind of unimaginable and kind of hones in on that kind of, you would do anything to get your child back. So yeah, it's definitely helped in some ways."

Nell Tiger Free told Davis that she thought viewers "would get some of the answers that they were craving" from season one when the new season debuts next week, January 15.

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