Big screens let you get more work done and enjoy your entertainment to the max. It's why I love ultrawide monitors for just about any task because the giant screen lets me see and experience more than a standard size monitor ever could. The best ultrawide monitors can be expensive, but this Black Friday, iMore's favorite ultrawide monitor is available for $240 less than its regular price.

Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Ultrawide Monitor (U3818DW) | Save $240 at Dell

The Dell U3818DW offers a stunning 21:9 aspect ratio on its visually appealing, curved 38-inch screen.

$1,049 at Dell

Why we love the Dell U3818DW

The Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Ultrawide Monitor has a special flicker-free screen that won't irritate your eyes as other screens can, meaning long gaming sessions or working long hours will be easier to do. If you tend to get migraines or discomfort from eye-strain, you'll be happy to know that this monitor allows you to rearrange and align your open documents to reduce your eye movements while viewing your screen.

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Dell Ultrawide Monitor LifestyleSource: Dell

One of the downsides users report about this monitor is that if you're a Mac user, the built-in volume and brightness control on Mac keyboards won't work with the monitor. Mac users also may lose access to the display manager. However, it is noted that you can control the basic settings directly from the monitor.

Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, the picture quality of this ultrawide monitor is elevated through the perfectly curved screen. It offers a 21:9 aspect ratio, which allows you to create elegant designs for work, watch movies, or game-out with excellent image quality. We think this monitor is the perfect screen to compliment all the great Apple Black Friday deals we've been seeing this year.

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