Romance in New York, by filmmaker Tristan Pope, takes the point of view of a boyfriend waking up to spend the day with the love of his life. Pope wanted to show the intimacy that comes from everyday moments, and the subtleties and nuances that exist in every expression and every action, even the ones that might seem small. What's more — he shot the entire 15-minute film on the iPhone 6.

MoviePro, running on the iPhone 6, let Pope exercise fine-grain control over everything from exposure to color temperature to uncompressed audio to Bluetooth microphones. That meant he could get not only the video and sound he needed, but the video and sound he wanted.

Glidecam enhanced the iPhone's built in video stabilization so Pope could get natural camera motion for the moving shots, and the Joby Gorrilapod and the Redicam mount let him set up his shots anywhere and everywhere. All on a limited budget, but all with practically limitless imagination.

Pope's previous work, Dancers of New York was shot on a iPhone 6 using 240 FPS slow motion video in four days.

Romance in New York will be showcased at film festivals around the word. Check out the trailer, above, and the behind-the-scenes video below. Maybe, like me, it'll inspire you to stretch the limits of your own iPhone videos.

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