We've all been there. You're attempting to be extra careful with a piece of tech — be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop — but no matter how many precautions you take, the device will end up on the floor with a new addition to the design in the form of a chip or scratch. This is what a case can help avoid, taking some of the damage from a drop, as well as better shielding the device through daily use.

This Logitech SLIM FOLIO PRO case for iPad Pro 11 is on sale in the UK right now for Cyber Monday with £43 knocked off the asking price.



£66 £109 £43 off

Your iPad Pro is special to you, so why not protect it with a case and avoid stressing oneself when using the tablet out of fear of dropping the thing?

What makes this case rather handy is how it transforms the iPad into a traditional notebook with a physical fold-out keyboard that takes the strain away of attempting to hit on-screen keys quickly and accurately. There's even a full row of iOS/iPad OS shortcuts and media controls, so you can achieve more without having to use the screen itself. The keycaps are also backlit, making it possible to type in the dark.

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When it comes to protection, the SLIM FOLIO PRO has you covered with a light yet durable design. You've got a secure magnetic latch that keeps your iPad Pro locked into the case, shielding it from bumps, scratches, and even spills too. This case is also ideal if you frequently use the Apple Pencil (2nd-gen) since it'll let you charge it without having to detach the iPad.

For the keyboard, you get three months of use on a single charge and it connects to the iPad Pro using Bluetooth. It's one of the better cases for the iPad Pro and at this discounted price, it's now within budget for most owners. It's also considered by some of us here at iMore to be a better value option than Apple's official offerings.

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