Let's get this out of the way: The space gray iMac Pro is beautiful. We can nitpick all day around whether Apple should have changed the iMac's form factor for its pro machine, but honestly, I'm too busy staring at its space gray anodization to care about edge-to-edge LCD panels.

Those lucky enough to have the cash to purchase an iMac Pro not only get the satisfaction of a blazing-fast pro machine, but they also get their choice of space gray desktop accessories. All users get the extended space gray Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (in your language of choice), but purchasers are given a choice of mousing accessories: the space gray Magic Mouse 2 comes with the stock machine, but you can upgrade to the Magic Trackpad 2 for $50 — or, if you're feeling like a bit of profligate spending — you can even pick up both space gray options for $149.

Who should buy the space gray Magic Mouse 2?

While the Magic Mouse 2 is one of the better mice Apple has made, we have to be frank: Apple's forté is not in designing mice. The company has built its pointers for both aesthetics and simplicity; unfortunately, neither are particularly helpful for pro workflows.

If you already have accessories for your workflow, you may not need any of Apple's included options. Users in that area should do well with building their iMac Pro with the included Magic Mouse 2; if you don't plan on using it, you can always sell it to a user craving space gray accessories.

Who should buy the space gray Magic Trackpad 2?

Unlike Apple's mice products, the company's trackpads are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional — especially where visual canvases are concerned. The Magic Trackpad 2 provides gestures that can be used in Final Cut and most major imaging programs to zoom and pan, in addition to basic multi-finger gestures for navigating around the system.

But if you've owned a desktop Mac in years past, you may already have a Magic Trackpad 2: Why get this space gray model? It doesn't add any additional functionality, so the choice is largely visual in nature. If you already own a Magic Trackpad 2 but prefer your iMac Pro has a matching trackpad, you'll want to pay the extra $50 for a space gray Magic Trackpad 2.

Alternatively, if you don't need the Magic Trackpad, chances are you can easily sell it to users who want space gray accessories without the expense of buying an iMac Pro.

If you're interested in picking up your first Apple trackpad, want your accessories to match, or think you can make a little extra money selling an extra space gray accessory, go for the space gray Magic Trackpad 2.

Who should buy both?

If you're considering picking up both the mouse and trackpad, chances are you likely fall into one of the following scenarios:

  • You have more money to burn than Apple itself
  • You care very much about perfectly matching accessories and want the best tool for each situation
  • You already have the accessories you need, and want to sell these to those who want space gray models

All of these are perfectly valid — though if you have more money to burn than Apple itself, I'd like to know how one would follow in your footsteps. But if we're being honest, the biggest reason to pick up both is that Apple currently doesn't sell any space gray accessories outside of the iMac Pro ordering process.

As such, there will likely be a large demand for space gray Magic Trackpads (and, to a lesser extent, mice) in the first few months of the iMac Pro's existence. Apple may eventually cotton on to the fact that users want space gray; in the meantime, you may well be able to cushion some of the blow of your iMac Pro's purchase price by selling space gray accessories to folks who want them.

Who should look at non-Apple space gray accessories?

Don't like Apple's stock options? There are a number of third-party manufacturers that have hopped on the space gray bandwagon, including options for alternative keyboards and mice. (No multitouch trackpads, however: That's an Apple specialty.)

Best Space Gray Accessories for your iMac Pro

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