The Apple Watch software update, watchOS 6, is here. But how do you know if you should download and install it right now, or hold off? Here are some things you should consider before upgrading.

Which Apple Watch do you own?

If you own the first generation, original Apple Watch (Apple Watch Series 0), then you are out of luck. It is not compatible with watchOS 6. If this is the case, you'll need to purchase a new Apple Watch before you can install watchOS 6 and take advantage of the new features. All of the Apple Watches from Series 1 to the current models are indeed compatible.

Note: watchOS 6 is available for Apple Watch Series 3 - Series 5 today, September 19. watchOS 6 will be available "later this fall" for Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2.

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Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 13?

As always, you'll need to update to the latest iOS on your iPhone before you can upgrade your watch. So if you're holding off updating to iOS 13, watchOS 6 will need to wait as well.

Which Apple Watch apps do you use?

If you depend upon your favorite Apple Watch app to work smoothly, then check to see if the developer has updated the app before installing watchOS 6. Sometimes it takes a developer a little bit of time to get the update done when a new operating system is released. Though there isn't any notable compatibility issues for apps built for iOS 12 running on iOS 13, there may end up being some hiccups. Your must-have apps may not run properly on the newest operating system. You can check to see if the app has been updated: open the App Store app and tap Updates. There you will see a list of recently updated apps. You can tap on a specific one to read the update notes.

How excited are you for all of the new features in watchOS 6?

If you're excited about all the new features in watchOS 6, like the new onboard App Store, hearing health feature, Calculator, Books, Voice Memos, and more, and you've been itching to play with all the new goodies, you shouldn't be sitting here reading this. Get out there and get updating!

Everything you need to know about updating your Apple Watch to watchOS 6

Are you downloading watchOS right away? Let us know how it goes and how you're enjoying it in the comments.

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