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What you need to know

  • Joe Nocera, the creator of "The Shrink Next Door" podcast, is suing Bloomberg.
  • Nocera says that he is owed profits from the Apple TV+ series.
  • Bloomberg says that it has lived up to its end of the agreement.

The creator of "The Shrink Next Door" podcast is suing Bloomberg over the Apple TV+ series.

As reported by The Washington Post, Joe Nocera, who created podcast when he worked at Bloomberg, says that the company owes him profits from the television series that was picked up and released by Apple's streaming service. Bloomberg says it has lived up to its end of its agreement with Nocera.

Nocera's camp is casting him as a creative force done wrong by a major corporation profiting off his hard work. "Whatever Bloomberg gets from commercializing this story, Joe gets half of it," said Vivek Jayaram, Nocera's attorney. "Creatives can and should be empowered to benefit financially from the work they have created, especially when they've entered into agreements confirming that right."

Kerri Chyka, a spokesperson for Bloomberg News said: "Mr. Nocera was treated fairly in all of his dealings with Bloomberg. We have honored and will continue to honor all of our contractual obligations with him."

Nocera says that Bloomberg is trying to dodge the original agreement which states he is supposed to receive half of "all revenue" generated from the podcast series.

But according to his lawsuit, when Nocera inquired with the company about his earnings from the deal after he was fired, he was told that Bloomberg's stance was that journalists were not entitled to a share of advertising revenue generated by an adaptation and that none would be included in his agreement. Nocera's lawsuit alleges that this flies in the face of the "all revenue" language in the contract. He's also asking for an accounting of all the money that Bloomberg has earned from "The Shrink Next Door."

Bloomberg says that the journalist is owed $322,500 but that all but $35,000 of that amount has already been paid out.

"The Shrink Next Door" is streaming now on Apple TV+. If you want to enjoy the series in the best quality possible, check out our list of the Best TVs for Apple TV 2021.

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