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Your Apple TV is your gateway to entertainment bliss, and you don't want anything to get in the way of enjoying that little black box, especially a broken remote.

While the Siri Remote has a bunch of great features — like a touchpad and motion controls — the entire front is made out of glass, which means it could break. If you're worried about damaging your Siri Remote, here's a few items you can pick up to help protect it.

Griffin silicone Siri Remote case

The Griffin silicone Siri Remote case is a silicone shell that fits around your Siri Remote to give you a little extra protection.

Not only will the silicone casing add some shock protection if remote goes tumbling to the ground, it also adds a little girth to the remote making it easier to hold in your hand.

You can get it in black or transparent for about $20.

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Act Labs Neo Fit

If you constantly misplace the tiny black Siri Remote, the Act Labs Neo Fit remote case may be perfect for you and only costs $10.

A simple semi-flexible hard plastic case fits snuggly around your Siri remote and comes with a wrist strap. Perfect for playing games like Just Dance Now and Hit Tennis 3 which require you to wave the Siri Remote around.

Plus, the insane lime green color will help it stand out amongst all your other remotes and devices, meaning it should always be easy to spot.

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intelli case for Siri Remote

If you'd prefer your Siri Remote look and feel more like a traditional TV remote, the intelli case will suit your needs.

The soft silicone shell covers the entire back and sides of the Siri Remote, as well as the bottom part of the front side, giving you lot of extra protection if you accidentally knock it off your coffee table.

The case also comes with a small magnetic in the back, which means you can stick to to any metal surface you want to keep track of the remote, it will even stick to some TVs. For only $7.99, it's easy to see why this is Amazon's choice!

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How do you protect your Siri Remote?

Let us know in the comments below!

Updated Decemeber 2017: All these cases will protect Siri Remote for the Apple TV 4K!

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