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If you click on an iTunes link to get the Skype for iPhone App, as of this writing, iTunes pops up a notification saying Skype for iPhone is not currently available in the US App Store, or other international App Stores. If you search for Skype, the Skype app doesn't show up. Skype's official iPhone app page, still tells you to "Get it now", but it's currently not get-able.

Temporary glitch? Sign that maybe, finally it's being replaced with the 3G version AT&T, Apple and Skype said back in October '09 would be coming our way? Or just gone as in another App Store brouhaha may be brewing?

An international, hours-long lasting glitch sounds odd. Removing an old version and leaving nothing available for a time before replacing it with a new one isn't typically how the App Store works -- it's usually fairly unnoticeable to the end user (known bugs not withstanding). Unless CES is going to mean an announcement from Skype? And, well, we can't imagine something this high-profile would just be gone, right?

We'll update If Skype for iPhone comes back up, same as before or new and 3G, or if we get any solid info.

[Thanks to @mugunthkumar for the tip!]

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