Skyward Sword HD: How to defeat Eye Sentry enemies

The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Hd Eye Sentry Vignette
The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Hd Eye Sentry Vignette (Image credit: iMore)

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD has a ton of exciting boss battles, but to get there, you've got to defeat mini-bosses and puzzles along the way. Among some of the first you'll encounter are the Eye Sentry enemies in Skyview Temple. As you journey into the dungeon in hopes of saving Zelda and returning to Skyloft, you'll need to defeat all three in the temple located in the Deep Woods.

How to beat every Eye Sentry in Skyview Temple in Skyward Sword HD

Although it may be a little confusing at first, the Eye Sentry enemies are pretty easy to defeat, and each Eye Sentry only changes slightly as you move through the temple. The first Eye Sentry features a single eye, the second features two eyes, and the third features three. A little creativity will help you beat them all and continue through the Skyview Temple!

Where is Skyview Temple?

Skyward Sword Hd Switch Map

Skyward Sword Hd Switch Map (Image credit: iMore)

Before you can even fight the Eye Sentries, you have to find them first, and they are in the Skyview Temple. Skyview Temple is located in the Deep Woods, to the right of Faron Woods. This is the third location you will explore after leaving Skyloft.

First, navigate the Sealed Grounds. The first mission in Faron Woods is to help the Kikwis in Faron Woods. After receiving the slingshot from the elder Kikwi, you can access the path to Skyview Temple, and it'll show up on your map. To get in, look at the stone table to the right of the entrance, and shoot the gemstone hanging over the door.

Eye Sentry #1 (Single Eye)

Skyward Sword Hd Switch Eye Sentry 1 Blue

Skyward Sword Hd Switch Eye Sentry 1 Blue (Image credit: iMore)

The first Eye Sentry is near the temple entrance. Walk down the stairs, shoot the crystal cluster ahead to open the golden door on your left, and inside you'll find the Eye Sentry. The good news about the Eye Sentry enemies is all you need to do to defeat them is move your sword in a circle.

First, move close enough so the Eye Sentry opens and focuses on you. As you move, the Eye Sentry follows you until you back too far away. If you call Fi, she will tell you that the Eye Sentry uses dark magic to trace your movements.

On your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, flick R to bring out your sword and move R up to hold the sword aloft. Stand in front of the first Eye Sentry and move R in a circle. The Eye Sentry will follow your sword, get discombobulated, turn red, and fall off the wall. That's all! You've defeated your first Eye Sentry. Head through the door into a large chamber.

Eye Sentry #2 (Double Eye)

Skyward Sword Hd Switch Eye Sentry

Skyward Sword Hd Switch Eye Sentry (Image credit: iMore)

The second Eye Sentry features, surprise, two eyes! It's located in the top right room of the large chamber. You'll need to complete at least one of the other rooms on the left side of the chamber and flood the room. That will help you reach the vines on the wall that lead to the top right door. Inside, you'll find the second Eye Sentry.

This time will be very similar to the last. Position Link in between the two eyes. Both Eye Sentry enemies should be open and watching your movements. Just like before, wave your sword in a circle using R and they will get confused, turn red, and fall off the wall. The second Eye Sentry guards a treasure chest instead of a door, and it contains a key you will need to continue working your way through Skyview Temple.

Eye Sentry #3 (Triple Eye)

Skyward Sword Hd Switch Eye Sentry 3 Blue

Skyward Sword Hd Switch Eye Sentry 3 Blue (Image credit: iMore)

You can guess how many eyes the third Eye Sentry has, right? At this point, you're near the end of Skyview Temple and will need to defeat the final Eye Sentry to proceed. After completing all the rooms in the large chamber, you'll come to a circular room with several doors and a large column in the middle.

You'll play through a couple of rooms and receive the Beetle item; use it to fly into the hole in the wall above your head that has Deku-Baba plants. Fly the Beetle into the crystal cluster, and it will open a door right next to the Bird Statue in the room. Go through this door, across the hall, and through the second door. Here you'll find the final Eye Sentry. However, when you stand in front of this enemy, not all of the eyes open — because you aren't tall enough. You'll need some height!

Behind you will be a platform and to the left, you'll see vines. At the top of this platform is a box tied up in a spider's web. To get it down, you'll need to use the Beetle. Deploy it by pressing ZR and fly into the spider's web thread. This will cut the thread, and the box will fall. Use move the box and push it off the ledge; then jump down and push the box until it's close to the Eye Sentry and directly in the middle.

When you climb on top of the box, all three eyes should open and focus on Link. If not, you may need to adjust your box. When you're ready, hold up your sword and move it around in a circle using R until the eyes glow red and fall off the wall.

The third Eye Sentry also contains a key in the treasure chest it's guarding, which you will need to fight Ghirahim, one of the first boss battles in Skyward Sword: HD.

Which control style is best? Motion controls vs button controls

Skyward Sword Zelda And Loftwing Amiibo And Joy Cons Brighter

Skyward Sword Zelda And Loftwing Amiibo And Joy Cons Brighter (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

In the original Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Wii, players used motion controls on the Wiimote to slash obstacles and enemies in Link's path. Luckily, the remake for Nintendo Switch has options! You have the option of using the Pro Controller, motion controls on detached Joy-Cons, or attached Joy-Cons and button controls. So which is best?

I preferred using my Pro Controller with button controls when taking on the Eye Sentries (or any enemies, really). Link's sword doesn't always register my movements or move the right way when using motion controls, but I can get him to move the way I want a whole lot better with button controls. Now, I will say that the Joy-Con motion controls have been improved since the original Wii version. However, they're still finicky and harder to master. If you want to stick it out with motion controls, you should consider getting the sweet Zelda Joy-Cons.

Keep adventuring

After you've defeated all three Eye Sentry enemies, you'll be able to continue on to the boss battle with Ghirahim. While in Skyview Temple, you can always use the Bird Statues to return to go outside and then return to Skyloft. This is helpful if you want to purchase potions or other items to help Link fight and survive.

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