SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone Coming Soon?

No, SlingPlayer Mobile is still not available in the App Store. Are any of our readers getting sick of hearing about SlingPlayer for iPhone and the numerous reasons/rumors on the applications delays in making it's debut in the App Store?

Well maybe, just maybe we have a bit of good news for you today. Sling has recently updated their web page to give the iPhone world a little more insight on the status of their SlingPlayer Mobile.


blockquote>"The team has been working hard to bring the SlingPlayer Mobile experience to the iPhone and iPod Touch. We've submitted the first release of our application to the iPhone App Store. We are in close contact with our partners at Apple and are optimistic that it will be approved soon. We hope the wait won’t be much longer."

They "hope" [emphasis ours]? That's not a very confident word. We don't know about you, but TiPb will believe it when we see it.

[Via Sling]

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