Smartphone Experts Roundtable Podcast #4 -- CTIA 2009

Join Dieter, Kevin, Rene, and Phil as they discuss CTIA and the other big news coming out of the smartphone world in the past few weeks.

Show notes after the break.

  • Phil Nickinson for WMExperts
  • Rene Ritchie for The iPhone Blog
  • Kevin Michaluk for
  • and Dieter Bohn for


The iPhone Blog

  • Next Gen iPhone Taking Shape: 3.5mp camera, video recording, voice control, digital compass, and the leaks just keep on coming!
  • Google Giveth Gmail and Gcal Goodness: New WebApps leverage advanced WebKit features
  • (Google Voice Mobile App: looks pretty sweet as well)
  • Music Prices Go Variable: iTunes changes to tiered music single pricing, but so does Amazon MP3 and Walmart.
  • AT&T Cracking Down on iPhone users without iPhone 3G plans?

Nokia Experts

  • Nokia E71x
  • CTIA 09: Nokia release Point & Find beta for camera-enabled devices

Android Central

  • Not big at CTIA -- again! -- what gives?


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Dieter Bohn