Snapback Slim Air review: Always find your minimalist wallet

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Bottom line: Carry your essential cards in this minimalist wallet that also has a pouch for your AirTag.


  • +

    Minimalist design

  • +

    Holds up to six cards and some folded bills

  • +

    Pocket for AirTag

  • +

    Made with premium Italian leather

  • +

    Tough and durable


  • -

    Hard to get cards out if stuffed too full

  • -

    Leather expands with more cards, may be loose if cards removed

  • -

    AirTag cutout may not be a perfect fit

  • -


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When I go out, I usually carry a purse with me that has a bulky wallet that can fit the dozens of cards that I need, you know, just in case. But honestly, I really just use two main credit cards and I always need my ID on me. So while I pretty much carry the kitchen sink and then some when it comes to wallets, it's not the best option if I just go out for a walk somewhere real quick. That's when I need something minimal enough for just the bare essentials.

That's where the Snapback Slim Air comes in. This is a very minimal wallet that can hold up to six cards and a few folded bills. But the best part? It has a tiny pouch so you can slip an AirTag in it, allowing you to keep track of it in the Find My app on your favorite iPhone.

Is the Snapback Air Slim worth a purchase? Let's take a look.

Snapback Slim Air: Price and availability

Snapback Slim Air Airtag Reflection

Snapback Slim Air Airtag Reflection (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

You can find the Snapback Slim Air only on the Snapback Wallet website. It comes in two colors: black and brown leather. One Snapback Slim Air wallet costs $55. But you can use the code "IMORE5" to get $5 off your order.

Snapback Slim Air: Keep track of your minimalistic, essential carry

Snapback Slim Air Profile

Snapback Slim Air Profile (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

The Snapback Slim Air is made of premium Italian leather and it's handmade in the U.S. as well. When purchasing one, you have two options of leather color: black or brown. For my review, I just received the black color. I'd imagine that the brown leather would develop a fantastic patina over time, so if that's your thing, then go for the brown, because it's less noticeable on black leather.

The leather itself is soft and supple and carries that genuine leather scent, so you know this is the good stuff. The pieces of leather are stitched together with impeccable detail, though you may have some slight imperfections like a bit of extra thread. This is to be expected though, as each wallet is handmade. Not a big deal, but just something to note. The black one has black stitching, while the brown one has white stitching, making it more noticeable.

The Snapback Air Slim has enough room for up to six cards and you can even slip in an AirTag to keep track of it.

The interior of the wallet also has enough of a "grip" to keep your cards in place with a snug fit. The Snapback Slim Air is advertised to hold up to six cards and some folded bills too. In my test, I tried putting six of my cards in and while they all fit, due to the thickness of certain cards, it was incredibly tight and hard to get them out. So if you have six cards with average thinness (think a regular plastic credit card), then it should not be a problem. But if you have a thicker card, such as the titanium Apple Card, then the fit gets a little tight the more cards you stuff in there. The leather does expand though but needs a little bit of "break-in" time.

On the front of the Snapback Slim Air is a small pocket with a hole cutout in the middle. This is where you can slide in an AirTag and it's designed to have the Apple logo facing out. It's also pretty easy to get the AirTag out if you need to pop a new battery in or change wallets, so it's not going to be permanently stuck in there. Since this is leather, the lines and cutouts aren't going to be 100% precise but it's pretty close. I did notice that you can see some of the white on the AirTag poking through, but it's not a big deal. Having the AirTag does add a little bit of a bulge, so if you want to stick to the "slim" part of the wallet, you'll want to make sure you don't overstuff the sleeve with cards.

Snapback Slim Air Airtag

Snapback Slim Air Airtag (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

It's important to note that the Snapback Slim Air with an AirTag is not meant to be anti-theft. If someone takes your wallet, they'll see the AirTag and can easily remove it. This product is designed to help make it easier for you to find your misplaced wallet in a place like your home.

Thanks to the Snapback Slim Air living up to the "slim" name, this is one of those wallets that can easily fit in pretty much any pocket. I've been living in leggings with pockets for the past few months, so it easily slips in without issues. It should also fit in the front pockets of jeans without a problem, even if you have small pockets. However, depending on the number of cards you have as well as the AirTag itself, it may stick out a bit while in a pocket.

Snapback Slim Air: The fit can be too snug depending on card thickness

Snapback Slim Air Stitching

Snapback Slim Air Stitching (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

While the Snapback Slim Air is well-designed for a minimalist wallet with an AirTag holder, it's not perfect. I did notice that if you really pack your cards in, depending on the thickness of the cards, it can be a little hard to get them out because of the snug fit. Your mileage may vary, but I don't think I would use this with more than 3-4 cards, tops.

Depending on the thickness of your cards, six may result in some difficulty in getting your cards out.

And since the leather expands as you fit more cards in, if you reduce your load, then the cards that you keep in there may feel a little loose. I haven't had issues with my cards falling out though, so it should be fine if you aren't purposely trying to make everything fall out. While we're on the subject of leather, again, the cutout for the AirTag may expose some of the white shell, but it's hardly noticeable. There's no rigid structure to the wallet itself, so it is never fully flat.

Lastly, the Snapback Slim Air is definitely not a super cheap wallet, all things considered. It's $55 and is super minimalistic, holding up to six cards at once. You're mostly paying for the convenience factor of having a spot to put an AirTag in on something so simple. But if that's what you've been looking for this entire time, then the cost may be worth it to you.

Snapback Slim Air: Competition

Best Airtag Wallets

Best Airtag Wallets (Image credit: Anovus)

While the market seems to be flooding with options for MagSafe wallets, the selection of AirTag wallets is slimmer pickings. If you're looking for something that is premium and doesn't have the AirTag in a very obvious spot (in case it's stolen), then the Geometric Goods Leather AirTag billfold wallet is a great choice. It comes in six different colors, and the AirTag is tucked away under a hidden pocket, so thieves can't just throw it out if they have your wallet. It can also hold up to seven cards and dollar bills and can be personalized. However, it's quite pricey at $113.

For those who want something that is relatively inexpensive but practical, the leChivée Slim Wallet for AirTag Case is a good option. It has a neutral carbon fiber aesthetic and is quite slim, but can still hold several cards with eight different slots compartments. The AirTag goes in a case on the exterior of the wallet to protect from scratches, so again, it won't deter thieves but helps you find it in case you misplace it around the house. And it's less than $15, so it's super affordable.

Snapback Slim Air: Should you buy it?

Snapback Slim Air Empty Squeeze

Snapback Slim Air Empty Squeeze (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You only carry a few cards and some cash
  • You want a minimalistic wallet with AirTag support
  • You like leather goods

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You want an inexpensive wallet
  • You need to carry more than a few cards
  • You want an AirTag hidden away and not out in the open

If you're the type of person who just needs to carry an ID and maybe one or two credit cards, along with a folded bill or two, then the Snapback Slim Air is one of the best AirTag wallets. It carries the bare essentials and has a slot to put an AirTag to help you locate it if you misplace it around the house. It's made with genuine premium Italian leather that is soft and supple, which should develop a rich patina over time (more obvious on the brown).

But if you need to carry more than six cards and prefer to have a place to keep receipts and all that, then the Snapback Slim Air is definitely not for you. It gets hard to get your cards out easily when there are more cards packed in, so it's definitely recommended to keep a lighter load with this. And it only comes in leather, so if you're vegan or not a fan of leather goods, then you'll need to look elsewhere. It's also pretty pricey for what it is, but you do pay for the convenience of adding an AirTag to something so small and slim.

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