SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy: Beginner's guide

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is out now for the Nintendo Switch, adding another explosive fighting game to the console's growing roster. Like the recent release of Blade Strangers, SNK Heroines is also a very simple, straightforward fighting game — perhaps even to its detriment at times. There are only a few modes, no combos to master, and the game largely relies on blocks, attacks, and finishers.

But all those make it the perfect game for beginners. If you're just now diving into SNK Heroines or the fighting game genre, here are some helpful tips and tricks to get started.

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Master the controls

SNK Heroines is one of the simplest fighting games around. It incorporates light and heavy attacks, like most fighting games, but skimps on the complex combos and interesting directional moves for a watered-down system based mainly around the tag-team aspects, where you'll swap out characters to improve your strategy.

So all new players have to do is master the controls, which are pretty simple:

  • A - Special Move
  • B - Throw (also usable in the air)
  • X - Strong Attack
  • Y - Weak Attack

Unlike many other fighting games, single button inputs in SNK Heroines result in longer chains of combos that flow automatically, rather than having to mash the button multiple times for results.

What are all these items?

Different items will appear in the arena throughout a match during SNK Heroines. You can pick them up and use them to your advantage, and you should — otherwise, your opponent might! Some of these might refill your Spirit Gauge or give you other boosts, while others can result in zany antics such as a spring that bounces you up in the air or a giant ball rolling through that can knock over and damage your opponent.

Watch the Spirit Gauge...

Your Spirit Gauge determines the power of your Special Moves, and drains when you use them. Keep an eye on it! You can still use Special Moves (which are unique to each character) with the gauge drained, but they're not nearly as powerful and won't knock the opponent back as hard, so you'll want to use these strategically.

Your Spirit Gauge will get larger as your health depletes, and unlike the shared health bar, the Spirit Gauge's fill level is separate for each character. So you can tag in your supporter if you've accidentally depleted your attacker's spirit gauge to see if they have any reserve power for a strong finishing attack.

...and use your Dream Finishers!

If you play for the first time and have ignored all instruction, you might be confused as to why you can't seem to KO your opponent. Once an opponent's health gauge is in the red, you must KO them using a Dream Finisher. Dream Finishers require a lot of Spirit and must land, so if you miss or are blocked, you'll have to either tag out or build enough spirit to try again. Try knocking an opponent down before using a Dream Finisher to ensure they can't stop you from defeating them.

What can I use money for?

Winning matches in Story, Versus, or Online mode will get you in-game currency that you can spend on different accessories for your characters. There are a ton of different items to unlock, and since this is the only use of the game's currency, you shouldn't have any regrets over purchasing those cute wings for Athena or whoever you like. Customization is a staple of the SNK games, and since the game has so few modes to it, getting more items for your characters to wear is essentially the main method of progression and replay value in the game.

Any questions?

Need any more help with SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy? Let me know in the comments!

Reb Valentine