There are several popular social networks on the web and they all have iPhone apps, and many have iPad apps (or the iPhone app can be used in 2x mode on the iPad). Which ones do you use, and if you have both and iPhone or iPod touch and an iPad, do you use them all the same on both? Are there any you prefer using on on iPhone as opposed to iPad, or vice versa? Any you use on one you don't use at all on the other?

I use Twitter almost exclusively from my iPhone and almost never from my iPad (or Mac). It just feels like something I enjoy doing while on-the-go, and my iPhone is always close at hand. The iPad is more of a relaxed reading device for me, so I can see how some might prefer browsing through Facebook there as opposed to iPhone.

I don't use Google+ much (and when I go on, I mostly only see people from Android Central or Google posting -- is that just me? -- but they haven't even made an iPad app yet so you're stuck using the iPhone app in 2x mode if you want to be able to upload anything. Same goes for Path. It's beautiful looking but it's iPhone only still. Instagram is the same way, but at least the camera-centric nature of the app makes that a little more understandable. Still, I would be nice to be able to look at all the amazing Instragrams in an official Instagram app for iPad. Does it bother you if your favorite social network is iPhone only? Or are the iPhone apps in 2x mode fine for you?

I've said many times I'm not a big social network user in general. I don't feel like I'm missing out, I feel like I'm engaging where and when it's really important to me (and not just feeding an endless stream of personal information to a giant advertising company, but I won't get into that rant again here!). Anyone else avoiding social networks as much as possible?

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