Airtag Accessory Ebay ListingSource: chargerstore

What you need to know

  • An eBay listing appears to be selling some unreleased AirTag accessories.
  • AirTag Loop and AirTag Leather Key Rings are available in new colors, assuming the listing is legit.

Apple's AirTag has been on sale for a couple of weeks not and the same can be said for Apple's accessories as well. Both the AirTag Loop and AirTag Leather Key Ring have proven popular already, but a new eBay listing appears to not only out some unreleased colors but also make them available to purchase, too.

First spotted by 9to5Mac, the auction includes accessories that will ship from China, so it's possible these are items that were manufactured ahead of launch but were ultimately decided against, for whatever reason. 9to5Mac reports that this seller does have a history of selling unreleased Apple products – so the belief is that these things are legit.

Right now you can order a pretty stunning California Poppy Leather Key Ring as well as Blue and Pink AirTag Loops. The Leather Key Ring will set you back $39 while the Loops are selling for $29. A matching California Poppy Leather Loop can be had for $39 as well.

Airtag Accessory Ebay Listing Poppy Leather LoopSource: chargerstore

It's a shame these colors never sold because I'd buy anything in California Poppy. It's unlikely we'll see these colors arrive any time soon though – Apple's accessory colors tend to follow a seasonal cadence, after all. Maybe we'll get to buy them next year, though.

Don't fancy ordering from a Chinese eBay store? These are some of the best accessories for AirTags that you can buy from more conventional stores like Amazon and Apple itself, too.

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